Realistic Scene

The most realistic scene I can put myself into is probably the movie Friday Night Lights. The movie is about a high school football team that is really really good. The team goes on a good run and plays in the state championship for their region in high school. Its very realistic to me because … More Realistic Scene

Walt Whitman

As you may know, What Whitman was in love with Abraham Lincoln. His devotion for him is shown in many of his poems. Most of his poems are talking about Abraham Lincoln. All of Walts younger brothers were named after american heroes; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson. Walt was a teacher at a … More Walt Whitman

Dickersons Poem

I choose the poem “Because I Could Not Stop For Death”. I choose this poem because Its kinda ironic. During your day, how much do you actually think about dying? ┬áIn the poem, she says she couldn’t stop for for death so death stopped for her. You never think about dying but when it happens … More Dickersons Poem


Everyone always says you’re not supposed to be sad when someone dies, you’re supposed to be glad that they went to heaven. I say heaven because I believe in eternal life after death. Its hard to be happy for someone that you loved so much. Just to watch them go and you’re unable to do … More Death

My Ghost Story

When i was a little kid i never really believed in ghost. But if i ever forgot something outside and it was late at night, i would run. Every single time. Me and my friends stayed up late one night watching scary movies. Movies like Freddy Kruger and Jason. When i spent to night with … More My Ghost Story