Willing Blindness

article-2525602-1a2b2a3600000578-553_634x408     Why look away from something you know you are supposed to be looking at. People do it all the time and don’t even realize it. Maybe you do realize it but you don’t want to see it. Many times this happens when we are driving. We know that the speed limit says 60mph but we still get eager and push that foot down to the floor. Or when we know that we really don’t need that new pair of shoes because you’re credit account tells you not to but you tell yourself that you will still be able to handle this months power, electric, and phone bill. Many times it happens to me when I see my gas light come on but I tell myself you’ll make it to the store and back. Don’t worry about getting gas but when I start going up that hill in front of the walmart my gas tank is telling me no and I’m soon walking my butt to get some to bring back to the car.