Innocence vs Experience

Experience is learning from your mistakes, having too much fun on a weeknight but you have to wake up early the next morning. Just because you have done bad things don’t mean you’ve became a bad person. It all comes with experiencing things in life. Experience can be good, it can teach you things not to do and things that are okay. It can also teach you lessons that you can’t get anywhere else. Innocence is not knowing the offense in a crime or a corruption. You don’t understand what may be going on. You have a lack of experience or knowledge but there comes a time where you lose your innocence. Usually one may lose his innocence right after middle school. Dint use innocence as an excuse to get away with little thing. You never lose experience because it will always stay with you. It will always follow you around. Experience and Innocence helped shape and mold the person you are today whether you believe it or not.


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