Dickersons Poem

I choose the poem “Because I Could Not Stop For Death”. I choose this poem because Its kinda ironic. During your day, how much do you actually think about dying?  In the poem, she says she couldn’t stop for for death so death stopped for her. You never think about dying but when it happens it happens. The poem goes on to talk about passing the sun and fields of grain. As life goes on, you encounter many things. I know i don’t think about death as much as i should. Its not that i should think about death but i should just continue to remember that it could happen to anyone anytime. Theres been one time where i feel like i have encountered death one time. I was in a car accident with an 18 wheeler. The driver of the semi had a seizure and rammed us into the side of a guard rail. On the other side of the guard rail was a drop-off of about 100 ft. When you go through life you don’t really have time to think it all just happens.


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