Ending the Queen of Spades

I didn’t really enjoy the story The Queen of Spades so I can’t really tel you if i liked the ending or not. The part i did like was how suspenseful it was. I didn’t know was going to happen next. It kept me guessing if he was going to win the hand or if he was going to end uploading the hand and that was what happened. I believe it would have had mire suspense and been a better ending if he would have won. Everyone likes a good ending, a cinderella story. I believe that the countless is more selfish than anything. She had everything handed to her when she was making big bucks. She is killed by actually being scared to death. She was sitting behind the desk when he pulled out a gun just playing around but it actually sacred her to death. I can’t really say i hated the ending because it did have some suspense but i wouldn’t exactly say it was my favorite neither. I wouldn’t want to read it again if i didn’t have to.


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