“Risk” In A Queen of Spades

I believe that you will have to take chances in life. Sometimes you will have to risk things you may not want to risk. It could be risking money or risking a life. You can’t really look back on it and ponder about the what ifs. Thats why I take risks. Im not the type that likes to look back on something and say, “what if i woulda took that jump, or what if i would have changed my degree.” In the short story “A Queen of Spades”, the character is taking a risk on gambling. Unfortunately, the character doesn’t get what he is hoping for and at the end of the story, is killed. In this case “risk didn’t turn out the way it planned. One of my friends was in the army before having his humv being hit by an IED. Right before this happened he had to take the risk of shooting a woman that ended up having a bomb strapped to her.


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